The inspiration behind Endees undies is simple. The aim is to empower women unconditionally and to create underwear that you will finally feel good wearing all day long. Our goal is to gain feedback on all our garments and make adjustments as we expand our range. To ensure we're not over-producing products we will only carry limited stock until our garment range is practically perfect proven by EndeesTribe of contributors. 

Endees is a proud supporter of Woman's Sexual Health & Endometriosis. Together we can make change happen. Speak up for woman's wellbeing and be the voice for those who are suffering on a daily. 

Join EndeesTribe and be part of the sisterhood; a community where you can share feedback in helping us create products for all woman and we'll reward you with discounts, freebies and most of all a network of like-minded individuals, getting together for events and support each other as much as we can.



nas pourabedin - endees founder

The idea behind Endees first started due to my own personal experiences of dealing with a dermoid cyst for the past decade. If that's not enough, I've also witnessed close family and friends of mine undergo similar complication dealing with ovarian and uterus complications. 

My understanding is that we can always do better with medicine, and this condition needs to stop being passed under the rug and treated lightly. Endees aim is to continue funding charities that support women with Endometriosis & Sexual Health Complications and help fund research facilities to find a cure or preventives for the generations to come. 


Our range of underwear aims to be flattering, practical and comfortable with the least amount of carbon footprint left behind. Endees and our team need your support and love, which is why I ask you to join our EndeesTribe help us get one step closer to building a stronger foundation for future generations to come. 


Leah Spero - Co-founder Endees

I am passionate about bringing comfort, practicality and hint of sexiness to every woman's wardrobe. As a professional dancer from Canada, I always felt constrained by the underwear I wore as it was not adaptive to suit my dance attire and I would often go without it, which led to other issues down there. When the concept for Endees was suggested by Nas, I was immediately intrigued by the idea. I have met so many women in the last few years who struggle silently with endometriosis but it is only now that people seem to be talking about it - wait, not talking, only whispering still. Endees was created for the confident and bold women who are ready to lead the change in what is going on in her body. Endees was created to bring comfort, practicality and sexiness to women everyday life. Endees are for women who pride themselves in who they are and aren’t afraid to speak up. They're comfortable in their own skin and are tired of issues that affected women being taboo to speak about in public.